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Institut Aristote helps companies and people reach their full potential thanks to a unique methodology that allows each person to get a clear sense of what makes him / her unique and discover their best self to craft their future.

Founded in 2012 by Stéphane Dieutre, Institut Aristote has worked for companies such as KPMG, Salesforce and L’Oréal and has accompanied thousands of people.

OPLEO Avocats focuses on assisting and advising key business people (i.e. senior executives and managers) in making effective decisions that create value, whether in relation to their personal, professional or human capital. To that end, our teams always draw on each other’s complementary skills to provide valuable advice to best serve key business leaders for all their legal, tax, employment and wealth management needs.

OPLEO Avocats has expertise in international mobility issues and provides comprehensive and tailored assistance, both prior to and throughout the relocation process, with regard to the legal, tax, employment and benefits considerations that specifically take into account relevant personal circumstances and assets.

OPLEO Avocats also provides assistance to key business people in France seeking to develop their activity abroad or in foreign companies aiming to develop their business in France. Our expertise spans from managing risks associated with exploring the French market, to orienting choices in relation to setting up employees abroad, ensuring optimal conditions under the governing law and carrying out all related reporting requirements.

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Since 1984  Acr International Mobility, moving, relocation, fine art and storage specialist has maintained a reputation for providing a professional and cutting edge range of services tailored to the precise requirements of their clients. 

"Acr is not only another moving  and relocation company but a cohesive and enthusiastic team whose only goal is to provide the highest quality services to achieve customers satisfaction" 

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IMPACT Group is one of the world leaders in the field of career coaching, specializing in mobility assistance for the spouse/partners, assisting with professional redeployment and support for leadership development.

With more than 200 coaches spread around the world, over 65 countries, IMPACT Group offers the possibility of working with your teams around the world.

Our programs include:

   - Spouse/Partner Career assistance

   - Outplacement Career Assistance for employees who have been made redundant

   - Talent Career Development


IDCN is a non-profit association formed through the collaboration of companies, NGOs and academic institutions with the purpose of facilitating the job search for their international employees’ partners and providing member companies access to a turnkey pool of talent.

For more information on IDCN, please refer to http://www.idcn.info

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