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Why recruiting an atypical profile?

Dernière mise à jour : 29 déc. 2022

Today, more than ever, companies are facing a series of changements that is becoming faster day by day, leading to ever tighter competition. Consequently, skills and roles become increasingly obsolete.

According to academic studies, most of the professions that will occupy people in 10 years, do not yet exist today!

Atypical profiles are adaptable

As a consequence of this scenario, in order to remain competitive, companies must try to hire people who are increasingly adaptable to these quick changes.

Therefore, atypical profiles must be increasingly valued as one of the numerous characteristics they offer is their ability, gained from professional and family experiences, to adapt to new situations.

Individuals with atypical career paths, like almost all expat partners, who have perhaps interrupted a promising career in their country to be able to approach their partner, or growing children, making a choice of principle and putting personal ambition and professional fulfillment in the background for a moment. The recruiters previously overshadowed these numerous adaptability and knowledge of different realities, but we are finally realizing that these profiles are the ones to be taken into greater account.

Atypical profiles : entrepreneur spirit?

Furthermore, people with an atypical profile show a strong intention to pursue their dreams, perhaps along paths other than those for which they studied, but with the ultimate goal of pursuing their dreams and having a life in which to be more satisfied. of themselves, even leaving out the economic aspect or that of the "linearity" of a life path.

So, they've got an entrepreneur spirit, that is very important in each company.

In addition, the spirit of adaptation that these people have shown in moving without warning to another country, often without knowing the language, leaving their friends and loved ones, denote a very strong will to pursue their own goals and a very strong knowledge of the world, as well as a desire to integrate and be appreciated for their skills. These are very important and unique features that must be taken into great consideration!

Atypical profiles ? Write it on your CV!

This is why having a non-linear, atypical profile should no longer be considered as a negative point, but rather must be valued and highlighted in one's CV.

To deepen this discussion,

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Article written by Pietro Serini, italian, expat partner in France, and editor.

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SJ Forumiste
SJ Forumiste
Jul 13, 2021

Thank you for this article. It made me feel proud of myself as an atypical profile. Sometimes, life is extremely challenging for some people and, it's mandatory to experience non-linearity.

Jul 13, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for your message. Yes and non-linearity experiences had given you new soft skills that will interest recruiters. Continue to be proud of you!

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