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Absolutely Talented Career Fair

10 October, 2024

What is Absolutely Talented ?

Absolutely Talented is a career fair organised by Absolutely French

We're committed to the professional integration of expat partners in Paris. 

Absolutely Talented - last edition


Expat Spouses


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Hear from some of our attendees about their experiences at our previous iterations of Absolutely Talented!

Ready to join us?

Following the success of our last event, we will be hosting another career fair in October  2024.

The Agenda

09h00 to 09h15 - Welcome

Why are we here today ?

Armelle Perben 

Founder and CEO 

Absolutely French - Absolutely Talented


09h15 to 10h15 - Round Table

Why are expat partners of interest to recruiters?​

Susanna Warner

VP Global Mobility, Employee Engagement and Continuous Listening 

Schneider Electric


Kerstin Martel

PhD Fellow Researching Global Mobilities, Migration,  Identity, and Belonging
Copenhagen Business School


Caroline Vaquette

CoE Talent Management France Director 

Pernod Ricard


10h15 to 12h15 - Meeting with recruiters & workshsops

  1. 10 Cultural Differences in Interview: Role plays and preparation tips.​

  2. Is your resume adapted to the French market? Cultural Differences​

  3. How to Market the Soft Skills you have Developed Whilst on Global Assignment.

  4. ​Which Volunteering Opportunities will Enhance your CV? Develop new skills, and your network. 

  5. Working in France: Which contract suits you the best?

  6. ​Using your Network to find Your Dream Job. Dare to contact people and get an interview!
    Push yourself and make boldness a daily practice.

Last news

Expat Partners are Talented and Unique.
Absolutely What you Need.


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