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Recruit Differently!

Absolutely Talented is a career fair organised by 

Absolutely French. We're committed to the professional integration of expat partners in Paris.

Our goal : make expat partners visible to recruiters!

Show their incredible talent!

Why Absolutely Talented? 













"I created Absolutely French (in 2012) to help expatriates develop their international careers, ensuring they integrate into their new countries smoothly. In 2019, one day, an expat spouse returned from a job interview and mentioned that she hadn't disclosed to the recruiters that she was an expat partner.

This struck me as completely absurd because, in my eyes, expat partners possess incredibly valuable skills for the job market, such as adaptability, organization, problem-solving, and multicultural awareness.

I found it crucial to tell recruiters about the real value of expat partners and to change the outdated, often negative image associated with them. It was important to me to show that these individuals are not just people who spend their days shopping. Instead, they are resilient, highly skilled individuals who manage to navigate and thrive in new environments, integrating their families, finding schools for their children, and securing housing – all while developing remarkable soft skills.

To address this, I needed an event where I could communicate to recruiters who expat partners truly are and what unique skills they bring to the table. I also wanted to empower expat partners to promote their competencies confidently to potential employers.

This led to the creation of Absolutely Talented – a dedicated career fair designed to bridge the gap between talented expat partners and recruiters. This event not only showcases their skills but also provides a platform for meaningful connections and opportunities."  Armelle Perben

Every expat spouse is a talent with multicultural skills

Expat partners develop exceptional soft skills due to their unique experiences. Constantly moving abroad requires them to solve problems, adapt to new environments, manage transitions, and integrate their families into different cultures and systems. This journey shapes them into highly skilled individuals.

  1. Cultural Agility: They excel in diverse environments, enhancing inclusivity and communication.

  2. Problem-Solving: Their adaptability to new challenges ensures innovative solutions.

  3. Emotional Intelligence: They build strong interpersonal relationships and foster teamwork.

  4. Resilience and Adaptability: Constantly relocating sharpens their organizational skills and flexibility.

These soft skills are vital for success in a globalized world. Hiring expat partners means gaining exceptional talent that can drive your company forward.

Why a zebra in the logo?











We chose a zebra for the Absolutely Talented Career Fair logo because, in French culture and recruitment, a zebra symbolizes a person with high potential and an atypical profile, much like expat partners. These individuals are high-potential professionals with unique and enriching international experiences. They have developed highly transferable soft skills that are invaluable in the workplace.

A zebra also represents independence while being part of a community, mirroring expat partners who thrive in new environments yet maintain strong connections. Zebras are courageous, undertaking long migrations to find food, just as expat partners show resilience and adaptability in navigating new countries. They are flexible and playful, traits that are essential for successfully integrating into diverse cultures.

In essence, the zebra embodies many qualities of expat partners, making it a perfect symbol for our logo, representing their high potential, unique journeys, and valuable skills 🦓


Our Dazzling Flashmobs!

Did you know a group of zebras is called a dazzle? 🦓✨ On the 4th of July, we dazzled spectators in La Défense with our fun zebra-themed flashmob to promote Absolutely Talented! Catch us again on September 10th for another dazzling performance before the main event on October 10th. See you there!


MEDEF, 55 Avenue Bosquet, 75012, Paris

How to get there by public transportation

The following transit lines have routes that pass near MEDEF:

Train: RER C
Metro: line 8 - 13
Bus: 42 - 80 - 82 - 86 - 92

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