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5 actions to stay in the race

Katy, an Australian and an expatriate's spouse, arrived in France three years ago.

She settled in France when her partner secured a position in the country.

Unfortunately, she couldn't land a job upon her arrival. However, thanks to her desire to learn and her determination to adapt, Katy eventually caught the attention of BNP Paribas, which allowed her to secure an exciting role as Marketing Director.

She shares with us the 5 essential tips to stay in the game

Network is the Key

In the professional world, who you know can be just as important as what you know. Building and maintaining a strong network of contacts can open doors to new opportunities, valuable insights, and potential collaborations.

  • Attend industry events.

  • Join online networking platforms. (Linkedin)

  • Engage with professionals in your field.

Networking not only helps you stay updated with industry trends but also enhances your visibility, making you a more attractive candidate for future endeavors.

If you want to now how to build your network, its here

Ask, Ask, Ask

To stay open and curious, never stop asking questions. Be inquisitive about the world of work, gather information about various industries, and learn about different career paths.

Seek advice from experienced individuals, mentors, your network or career counselors.

Embrace continuous learning and stay informed about the latest advancements in your field.

Curiosity and a hunger for knowledge will set you apart and keep you agile in a rapidly changing job market.

Develop New Competencies: Volunteer/Training

To remain competitive, be proactive in developing new skills and competencies. Consider volunteering for projects or organizations that align with your interests and goals.

Volunteering not only helps you gain practical experience but also demonstrates your commitment and willingness to contribute beyond your job role.

Additionally, invest in continuous training and education to stay on top of emerging trends and technologies relevant to your profession.

Being adaptable and versatile in your skill set will make you more resilient in the face of industry transformations.

If you want to read more about it, read this article

Show That You Want to Stay: Learn the Language

In any professional environment, effective communication is crucial. If you are part of a global workforce or working in a diverse setting, learning the language(s) spoken in your organization can be a valuable asset. Being able to communicate with colleagues, clients, or business partners in their native language displays your dedication to understanding their culture and building stronger working relationships. Moreover, it showcases your commitment to long-term growth within the organization.

Find Your Platform to Search

In the digital age, there are countless platforms available for job searching and career development.

Find the ones that suit your goals and expertise the best.

Utilize job portals, professional social media platforms, and industry-specific websites to keep track of job openings and potential opportunities.

Stay active on these platforms by updating your profiles regularly, showcasing your accomplishments, and engaging with relevant communities.

Finding the right platform to search will help you stay connected with the job market and relevant opportunities

In conclusion, staying in the race and excelling in your career demands a proactive and adaptable approach. Embrace networking, curiosity, and continuous learning to thrive in a competitive job market.

And above all, be bold and DARE!

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