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The essential keys for creating a successful network

As an expatriate and expat partner to a foreign country, you may encounter a multitude of challenges when trying to navigate the job market. The language barrier, cultural differences, and unfamiliar job market norms can make job hunting a daunting task. However, one effective strategy to overcome these obstacles is by building a strong network.

Building a network should be you priority when you arrive. By establishing connections with locals and other professionals, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and resources. Your network can provide you with valuable insights into the local business culture, tips for job hunting, and introductions to potential employers. This can greatly increase your chances of finding a suitable job and achieving your career goals in your new home. So, don't underestimate the power of networking when it comes to overcoming the challenges of the job market in a foreign country.

How to build a Social Network ?

When starting a new job in a foreign country, the expatriate is immediately introduced to their colleagues and starts building their social network. However, for their partner, meeting people can be a challenge. If they have children, school and extracurricular activities can provide a starting point. But for those without children, it can be difficult to establish connections.

In Paris there are many ways to build your social network and establish connections in your new home.

  • You can join professional networking groups. This can be an effective way to meet people who share similar professional interests and goals. This is one of the best way to improve you professional network.

  • Volunteering is another great way to create a network and give back to the community. You can find opportunities to volunteer through the provided link, and it's a great way to meet like-minded individuals while contributing to a good cause.

  • Social networks can also be a valuable tool for connecting with professionals in your field. Joining expat groups on Facebook or reaching out to professionals on LinkedIn can help you expand your network and tap into valuable resources.

  • Additionally, you can consider joining local associations and clubs. Check with your municipality or city hall for information on local organizations that you might be interested in joining.

  • Connecting with your neighbors is an excellent way to establish a social circle. When you are an expatriate, the first people you meet will be your neighbors. Consider organizing a neighborhood event like a coffee hour or potluck. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, share stories, and improve your network.

  • Finally attending job fairs is another way to meet potential employers and connect with other professionals in your field. Job fairs provide an opportunity to speak directly with recruiters and learn more about the companies and industries you're interested in. Keep an eye out for upcoming job fairs in your area.

Each year we organise Absolutely Talented this is an occasion for expat partner to develop their network. It is an event that brings together employers and expat partners looking for a job, recognising and highlighting the appeal of the skills gained while living abroad.

How to maintain your Network?

When it comes to maintaining your network, it's crucial to not stay in your own bubble. Reaching out to others and seeking opportunities to help can greatly contribute to maintaining your network. Being open-minded and generous can thus contribute to maintaining lasting relationships in your network.

Keep in touch with your contacts by sending them regular updates on your expatriation, your job search and asking for their opinions or advice on specific job opportunities. You can also offer assistance to your network by offering to connect them with professionals in your own network.

Overall, actively engaging with and giving back to your network can help you maintain lasting relationships that will be valuable throughout your expatriation and your career.

When looking for a job abroad, building a network can make the difference between an unsuccessful search and a successful career move. A strong network can help you overcome language and cultural barriers, understand the requirements of the job market and connect with local professionals and companies.

It is therefore essential for expatriates and their spouses to develop their network as soon as they arrive in the host country. Attending professional events, using professional social networks, and seeking out local networking groups are all ways to establish key professional contacts and help achieve professional goals abroad.

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