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5 reasons for diversity

Dernière mise à jour : 6 mai 2021

The recruitment of expat partners, with their unique competencies and experiences, is a win-win for the partner as well as today’s organizations oriented towards diversity and inclusion

Here are 5 reasons why diversity and inclusion are significant in contemporary recruitment strategies

Refection of actual societal patterns

Finally, the success of an organization depends on its ability to understand and meet the needs of its market, and the market at large, comprises of contemporary society that is in a constant and dynamic change process. Today’s world is diverse and irreversibly so. A non-cognisance of this fact of society can easily push back a company into complacency and non-identification with updated societal scenarios.

Perspective multiplicity

Multiplicity in perspectives is only possible in a multi-cultural environment. An acceptance and willingness to listen to opinions, ideas and knowledge stemming from different cultures, backgrounds and social conditioning bases will ensure that the organisation never faces a scarcity of perspective multiplicity and hence prevents the risk of stagnation.

Contribution to society

In today’s world, the success of an organization is not measured by financial figures alone, but much more by the overall contribution it makes towards societal progress. Diversity and inclusion, along with other factors such as environmental protection, sustainability etc. signify an organization that is not only concerned with profitability, but also with a real contribution to the progress of society.

Attracting young talent

Diversity and inclusion are highly valued by millennials and are important in attracting today’s young talent that believes in working in organizations that have values. Diverse organizations are presented in the media in a positive light, and this image is conducive in recruiting young, dynamic talent.

Innovation and productiveness

Last but not the least, several studies have shown that organizations with diverse team are much more innovative, productive and creative than organizations comprising of homogenous teams.

Article written by Roshni Sahgal

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