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Expat Partner - Be careful : Talent!

Dernière mise à jour : 18 oct. 2021

Why we want to change the way people see expat partners

Absolutely French” welcome expat partners in Paris, and teach them French with a dedicated program to integrate them and help them find their expatriation project.

So, we have plenty of talents in our trainings.

To help them more, we decided to create a special event : “Absolutely Talented” to show to everybody (society and talent recruiters) that expat partners are not what they think (no they don’t shop all day!), and that Managers need to recruit them now.


Expat partners: used to going outside their comfort zone

If you are an expat partner, you know: when you move abroad you leave everything behind you: family, friends and job!

And you have to start a new life.

This takes courage, and going out of your comfort zone.

And once done, it is easier to do it again and to innovate!

So the expat partner has a very important skill: the ability to innovate.

An expat partner has multicultural intelligence

This soft skill is the most important skill for many recruiters.

This is why :