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Expat Partners : The Talents of Tomorrow!

Dernière mise à jour : 21 août 2020

Join us and change the way people see expat partners!

A great opportunity to find your dream job!

You are looking for a job in Paris?

You want to meet companies that recruit?

Absolutely French is organizing the first event exclusively dedicated to promoting Expat Spouses:

"Absolutely Talented" is a big event (150 persons) to change the way people view Expat Partners role in Society and to promote them to companies.

Because expat partners are talented and they've got soft skills that interest recruiters!

We are looking for volunteers to join our team, organize this big event

and make things happen!

Find out who’s behind Absolutely Talented!

Hello, my name is Sergei.

I arrived in France in september 2018 from Moscow, Russia,

where I lived and worked.

This is my first expatriation experience.

After arriving I studied French language for 5 months with Absolutely French, it was not easy, but exciting and I felt at ease.

Now I’m part of the Absolutely Talented team!

I believe that Absolutely Talented could change the expat-partners labor market and make our lives better.

I’m responsible for the search and support of sponsors, with a keen eye on the all details.

I hope to see you all at our first event.

See you