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Skills transfer

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

What is skills transfer?

They are abilities acquired through experiences. It is very useful to success in professional life as in personal life.

These skills get deeper at each new step of the career. They are essential to succeed in personal & professional life. They can be general or specific ones, related to work.

The development of transferable skills involves “learning for transfer”, that is, reinvesting the knowledge learned in a situation and then being able to apply it to new situations.

Skills transfer and experiences abroad

Experiences abroad are a great opportunity to develop numerous skills transfer. For example, the fact that expat have to adapt themselves to a new culture, a new lifestyle, without any help or few, make them mentally stronger and principally focus on success.

The Ontario Ministry of Education has identified 7 transferable skills:

• Critical thinking and problem solving

• Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship

• Self-directed learning

• Communication

• Collaboration

• Global citizenship and sustainability

• Digital literacy

Who and what is an Expat Partner?

Skills transfer and expatriates

As a result, expatriate's partners are the biggest winners of skills transfer because they develop an increased sensitivity to other cultures, better listening skills (having lived in a foreign country), problem-solving and time management skills, and a greater understanding of the definition and achievement of short- and medium-term objectives.

They also have learned a lot from other expatriates abroad, from different management strategies and they know how to put these skills to good use.

They also have stronger language skills, which is an essential asset in the increasingly globalized world of work.

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