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The 4 circles of the Ikigai test : find your reason for being

Dernière mise à jour : 6 mai 2021

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that may be translated to “a reason for being.”

Some may call this their life’s purpose, their reason for getting out of bed in the morning, or “Raison d’être”.

In short, ikigai is the answer to those four questions that seem to be very important for people throughout life :

For some people, their “reason for being” is very clear and solid. Maybe they had a life-changing experience that helped unveil their true purpose, otherwise it’s something they’ve known since childhood. However, most of people have not a very “delineated” route and they have, and want, to find their ikigai.

As the japanese culture show us, ikigai is represented at the center of four circles interconnected that are :

Mission: What you love

Vocation: What the world needs

Profession: What you can get paid for

Passion: What you’re good at

Ikigai test

The “balance” of these elements contribute to your happiness; all are crucial to your “reason for being.” As we all know, your personal happiness is connected on much more than simply your career (Vocation) and getting an economic feedback (Profession). As , Mission and Passion aren’t enough to sustain you financially if you don’t find the way to turn it into a paying job.

In most cases, people know what are their passions, but either think that it’s not possible to transform them into their professional career or don’t know how to go about pursuing it.

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