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The expatriate spouse: A hidden talent to be discovered

Dernière mise à jour : 31 juil. 2023

When we think of expatriation, our attention often turns to the person directly transferred abroad. However, behind every expatriate is a spouse who possesses a potential that is often overlooked and ready to be discovered. The expatriate spouse is much more than just a breadwinner.

They are a valuable talent, with unique skills and experience and significant added value for the job market.

We met Élisabeth, an expatriate spouse who revealed her full potential and found her professional niche abroad.

👉A life in motion

Elisabeth, originally from the United States, followed her husband to France when he was transferred for a new professional opportunity. She left her stable job and comfortable life to accompany her husband on this adventure. But she wasn't prepared to sacrifice her career and professional fulfilment. She decided to explore new avenues and discover herself as a professional in her own right.

👉Versatile skills and experience

Elisabeth quickly realised that her experience as an expatriate spouse had given her a versatile set of skills. She had developed exceptional adaptability, an open mind and an ease in multicultural environments. In addition, her command of several languages and her knowledge of international markets were invaluable assets.

👉Professional reinvention

Determined to find her career path, she turned to online training, professional social networks and local events to connect with other professionals and discover new opportunities. She used her experience in marketing and communications to reposition herself and adapt to the needs of the local market.

👉The added value of the expatriate spouse

Thanks to her transferable skills, Elisabeth quickly found her place in an international company. Her adaptability, ability to work as part of a team and deep understanding of the needs of international customers were invaluable assets to the company. Not only did she bring a unique perspective, but she also contributed to the company's growth by building strong relationships with international partners.

Élisabeth's story illustrates the often overlooked potential of the expatriate spouse as a valuable talent in the job market. Thanks to their skills, experience and ability to adapt, expatriate spouses can bring significant added value to international companies.

It is time to recognise and value these hidden talents, in order to create rewarding career opportunities for expatriate spouses around the world.

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