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How to integrate an international talent in your company?

Having someone from a different country and culture in your company is very valuable. It adds a fresh new view from the market to your firm.

But it is not always easy to learn the differences with their hometown for a foreigner. Seeing all these dissimilarity can seems threatning.

So how can we make it easier for them?

The language's barrier, a show stopper

The main reason why expatriates don't feel at ease in a new country they just move in is the language. First you have to learn a brand new dialect to start understanding people around you. English is not enough and not that much talk in everyday's life in France. Some people speak it well but some would not understand any word you say.

And after finally understanding and speaking the language, idiom could trick you.

Therefore, helping expatriates learn the local language and explaining the nuances and idioms of the language will greatly enhance their everyday lives and make them feel more comfortable at work. It may take time, but as they assimilate better into the culture and customs, they will become more effective in their roles.

It might take time but he will assimilate better your culture and manners.

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A different country a different culture

Moving to a foreign country will force you to change your own habits and customs.

For instance, in Italy's tradional meal you have two main plates with an extra and a desert whereas in France's one you have an entree, a main plate, cheese and a desert.

Fully embracing the culture and traditions of the host country is often what expatriates desire. To facilitate this, you can organize meetups, recommend local restaurants, and arrange visits to help them learn about the customs firsthand.

This way, they can learn directly from locals and truly enjoy their time in your country.

Expat partners, adaptable and resilient

Being an expat partner makes you an international talent. Making the choice to leave everything you had behind to follow your beloved is not an easy option.

They leave their job, their family, their friends to make sure their spouse and children will accomodate to their new environement in a brand new country.

But most of them will choose to continue their career and will make everything to understand the country they moved to. Learning how the administration works, what this or this words means and how to chat in everyday's life, what are the differences with their hometown... They do truly desire to help their partner and kids understand and enjoying their experience in this country.

They might aswell seek for extra help but not ask for it. Take the first step!

Integrating into a new country is a journey that takes time, but as a manager or human resources professional, you hold the keys to helping expatriates enjoy their experience and ultimately work more efficiently.

By recognizing and addressing the challenges they face, such as the language barrier and cultural adaptation, you can create an environment that fosters their integration, celebrates diversity, and maximizes the value they bring to your organization.

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