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Networking Tips for Expatriates : The Importance of Networking

Networking Tips for Expatriates : The Importance of Professional

Networking for Expatriates

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Absolutely Talented blog. Today, we're discussing a super important topic for all expatriates: how to build and maintain

an effective professional network.

As an expatriate myself, I quickly learned that when you land in a new country, networking is key for everything, especially for finding a good job. Indeed, developing a solid professional network is crucial for success abroad.

Today, I'm sharing my personal networking tips for Expatriates with you - from the importance of this network to concrete strategies for building and maintaining it effectively.

Why is the network so important for expatriates?


Imagine this: you arrive in a new city, maybe even a new continent. Everything is different, and most importantly, you know no one. In these moments, the professional network is not just useful - it's indispensable.

It becomes your main ally in building bridges between your past life and your new reality. Whether it's for integration or finding a job, a good network can really make all the difference.

For me, networking has been a lifesaver. Shortly after my arrival in Paris, I was able to exchange ideas with people who had been through similar situations.

 Sharing our experiences and challenges was incredibly enriching! And you know what? These connections not only helped me feel less isolated but they also opened doors to new professional opportunities.

Strategies for Building an Effective

Professional Network

Participate actively in local and professional events

The first thing to do is to put yourself out there. Yes, you need to step out of your comfort zone and meet others. And for that, there's nothing better than professional events. Fairs, conferences, meet-ups, no matter your sector, there's always something happening.

But don't limit yourself to strictly professional events. Informal meetings, cultural outings, expatriate groups... all these moments are golden opportunities to meet new people, show who you are, and share your skills and experience.

During these events, engage. Talk to people, exchange business cards or even just your contacts on social networks. Ask questions, show interest in others' paths. It’s by being active and open that you’ll build meaningful relationships.

Use online platforms to your advantage

I'm now going to talk about the importance of LinkedIn and other professional platforms as essential tools for connecting with other professionals, especially for us expatriates.

It's crucial to keep your profile up-to-date, actively participate in discussions, and join relevant groups in your field.

Online networking can be just as effective as in-person meetings, especially in large cities where everyone is always on the go. Use these tools to your advantage to maximize your professional opportunities wherever you are!

Offer your help before asking for anything

A network is not just about taking; it's also a lot about giving. Before asking for anything from your new contacts, think about what you can offer them. It's very important to show that you're ready to contribute, not just to benefit.

For example, I offered free project management consultations. This was an incredible opportunity for me to demonstrate my skills and provide something valuable to those in need.

And you know what? Offering my help allowed me to build much stronger ties. People remember those who helped them when they needed it.

Maintaining Your Network

Building a network is great, but keeping it active is essential.

Do regular follow-ups, take news, and be present

at your contacts' important events.

A simple message to congratulate someone for a promotion or to recommend a contact can greatly strengthen your relationships.

Show that you are interested in your contacts beyond

immediate professional opportunities.

Indeed, networking for an expatriate is not just an option,

but a necessity. It enriches you professionally and personally,

opening doors and facilitating adaptation in a new environment.

With these strategies, I hope you too can build and maintain a network that will support you throughout your adventure abroad.

And you, how did you cope during your expatriation?

What challenges did you face and what strategies helped you develop your expatriate network? Tell us about your experiences!

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