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Why should I be on LinkedIn?

Dernière mise à jour : 6 nov. 2023

Angel, Expat Partner encountered tough competition in the French job market.

However, following a friend's advice, she created a LinkedIn profile.

Sophie quickly realized that LinkedIn was much more than just an online resume. It was an opportunity to connect with other professionals who shared similar interests and ambitions.

She began sending invitations to people working in companies where she wanted to work.

Some accepted, others did not, but Angel didn't give up.

She joined LinkedIn groups focused on marketing and digital fields, actively engaging in discussions and gaining visibility among industry experts.

Thanks to her efforts, she was able to build a network and successfully secured job interviews for positions she aspired to.

Why should I be on LinkedIn ?

If you are asking yourself "why should I be on Linkedin ?",

this article is here to show you the advantages of this social media.

LinkedIn has established itself as THE professional social media for about 10 years. In France there are more than 23 million users ans over 840 000 companies on LinkedIn. Nowadays it is unthinkable to be a professional and not be on LinkedIn.

However being on LinkedIn is not enough, you need to know how to use your profile to your advantage and the benefits of this social network.

You should be on LinkedIn, to be seen

Only 10% of executives and recent graduates are getting hired "directly" by professional social medias like LinkedIn, according to an Apec study.

So you might be wondering, what is the interest of having a LinkedIn profile ?

It is crucial because when you apply for a job, recruiters will try to find out more about you than just what you wrote on your resume and cover letter.

So they will check out your LinkedIn profile for several reasons.

  • Firstly, to make sure you didn't lie on your resume. Because LinkedIn is a public network, you are less likely to lie about your experiences than on your resume.

  • Secondly, the recruiters are always trying to gather more informations about you. So it's important to make sure that you LinkedIn profile is not juste a copy and paste of your resume. It's up to you to enrich your profile so it is a reel added value to your application.

An other important point, a LinkedIn profile rich in information is not enough. You must make it more human! To do this it is important to add content regularly, to share thing regarding your line of business or your points of interest.

You should be on LinkedIn, to observe

If LinkedIn is seen as an extension of the resume or a showcase, it's much more than that.

You must see it as an information tool, it allows you to find out more about the market trends or observe what others are doing. You can use it as a source of inspiration to improve your own profile or even as a communication tool.

Many companies regularly publish job offers on LinkedIn.

Checking your feed regularly and espacially the hashtags like #emploi, #recrutement, allows you to not miss these offers.

So, why should I be on LinkedIn ?

Not having a LinkedIn profile as an executive or a recent graduate is becoming more and more unthinkable. Because consulting the LinkedIn profil is now fully part of the recruiting process of headhunters, if you want to get a job you better have one.

Even if it will never (or maybe it will) replace a resume it has become a must-have of the recruiting process.

Finally, the reel strength of LinkedIn is its network !

Building a good network is key in the professional world, and LinkedIn is designed for this. Make sure to add your professional relations to your network.

For recruiters, whether or not you have a good network on LinkedIn shows if you are really invested in your profile.

This network can also offer you a lot of opportunities because recruiters will be more sensitive to your profile if they see that you have relationships in common.

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