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Build your storytelling to find a job

Storytelling is a trending word. But what does it means?

Storytelling at first is a commercial strategy that consists to tell a story, adding a fictional dimention to your product. But nowadays it is a well knowed process used by many speakers and humourist to tell their background and personal experience. But how can it add value during your job interview?

Your personal experience matters

When you go to a job interview, you first think that your professional experience is your first asset, a major advantage. And that is most of the time the case.

But what can add even more value to your profile is your story. Do not underestimate your volunteer's actions, your choices, your daily actions because it defines who you are and how you work!

Even more, when you are in retraining, changing from sector or even moving in a new country, your personal experience might be the major key to find a job!

The first step is to understand your choices and how they shape your personality, to make your storytelling even more authentic.

Expat partners: your story is very valuable!

When people think about expat partners, often they think about spouses that left everything they had to follow their loved one. But that does not define an expat partner only!

Expat partners are strong people that made the choice to leave their family, their job and their friends to explore new professional opportunities!

In your storytelling you should say how hard was your choices and even if they where why you made them and why they strengthen your way to work.

It might not seems easy but it is a real gain to your profile for recruiters and they will mostly choose you over another candidate due to your story. Make it count as much as it should!

Soft skills are competences!

In addition to your professional experiences, your soft skills play a crucial role in shaping your work style.

Social intelligence, effective communication, independence, and other personal traits are highly sought-after by recruiters, often outweighing "hard skills" acquired through work and studies.

With the increased prevalence of remote work and the impact of lockdowns, these soft skills have become even more essential in job applications. By integrating your soft skills into your storytelling, alongside your hard skills and personal experiences, you can create a compelling narrative that resonates with potential employers and helps you secure your dream job.

Your want to learn more ? Its here

Crafting an engaging and authentic storytelling approach can significantly enhance your job interview performance.

By effectively conveying your personal experiences, showcasing the value of your story as an expat partner, and highlighting your soft skills, you increase your chances of impressing recruiters and securing the desired position.

Remember, your story is unique and valuable, so make it count!

Build your storytelling by mixing them with your hardkills and your story to find your dreamed job!

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